Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well let's just be honest, Krupp Cakes. We've been majorly kind of crazed with New York Fashion Week about one minute away and are currently suffering from a bit of an RSVP-induced fever. You know the signs... an online bookmark to the Mooncakes order form, complete email conversations at 1 a.m. and living in a constant rotation of your favorite five Inhabit sweaters. Don't say you aren't going through the same thing, right?

The only cure, well besides the Mooncakes' Miso-Glazed Salmon plate, are these amazing photos and completely snowy day necessary story shared by Aloha Rag New York's Vicen Akina of a recent trip he took back home to Hawai'i.

Bookmark and read twice as soon as the fever sets in - Doctor's orders.

Getting out of the city is always great, especially when it's going home to Hawai'i; nothing but white sand, clear water and great food awaits. It's funny to be in a blizzard one day and on the beach the next; Christmas in Hawai'i always seems so contradictory.

My top priority is to be in the sun as much as possible, enjoying the 80-degree weather and trying to tan my pale winter skin. My favorite beach is Lanikai, only five minutes from my house, it's absolutely gorgeous and peaceful.

One of my goals this vacation was to catch up on my reading, with such books as "The End of Fashion" by Teri Agins and "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster" by Dana Thomas. The best thing after a day at the beach is an Açai bowl from Lanikai Juice. This über-healthy treat was once featured on Oprah and is topped with fresh mixed berries, banana, coconut, granola and honey.

The nicest most convenient way to get around my town, Kailua, is often by bike. Especially when President Obama is in town also on vacation, causing the worst traffic Kailua has ever seen. With the combination of locals and tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the President and the Secret Service blocking off major roads.

A favorite destination- and road trip by Hawai'i standards- is a day spent on the North Shore, notorious for its large waves and surf competitions during the winter. One necessary stop along the way is Leonard's Malasada truck to pick up some of the delicious Portuguese fried pastries. The North Shore is very rural and laid back, lined with many hidden surf spots as well as touristy villages.

One of the best lunches I had was at Neiman Marcus Honolulu Mariposa restaurant. My entrée was the Seared
Scallops dish, which included potato gnocchi, smoked prosciutto, kahuku corn, fava bean purée and roasted lobster jus. My dessert was a beautifully presented Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Pudding Cake with Starfruit and other fresh fruit.

Not far from Neiman Marcus is the original Aloha Rag. I always make a point to visit the Hawai'i store when I'm there to say hi to the staff and check out their inventory since it's quite different than Aloha Rag New York. It's nice to see other Aloha Rag members such as Makoto and Ken, whom I usually only communicate with via email. ARHI has the same clean, organized and luxurious aesthetic that AHNY has, yet it has quite a different feel due to its largely European and American merchandise. Versus ARNY's Japanese-heavy stock.

By the end of my two-and-a-half-week vacation I was a bit restless. Sometimes the only thing better than leaving New York is coming back. - Vicen Akina, Aloha Rag New York

Friday, January 8, 2010


With all the burrr and lazy snow falling outside here in NYC, we're already dreaming of the days when we can skip away again and enjoy a magical beach-side adventure filled with tons of sun, cocktails and late night swims.

Sounds like we're not the only ones...

A Krupp Cake fav, Fashionista's Abby Gardner, has picked out our perfect big surf wardrobe spread to play beach vacation dress-up in the St. Barth's backdrop from Geren Lockhart of Geren Ford's new year's eve bliss.

Naturally, we asked the designer if she would share some snapshots from her holiday jaunt to get us through it.


Remember those giant gougère puffs Lela Rose made for her family's New Year's eve dinner? Yeah, we were kind of drooling over them too. So we asked the designer to share the love and she so graciously dished out the recipe.

I know we promised we were on serious holiday detox from treats... but, these are bananas!

Preheat the oven to 400°

6 eggs - beat and add
1 cup whole milk
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon salt
1 1/2 cup (6 oz.) grated gruyère cheese

Melt 4 tablespoons of butter, pour in batter and bake 30 minutes till golden. Sprinkle with sea salt, et voila!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last night's People's Choice Awards, held in LA at the Nokia Theatre, proved yet again, we're not quite over our love for the vamps. It was "The Twilight Saga," "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries" who took home the bulk of the night's trophies.

But let's be honest, the red carpet's where the shows at!

It was all about the shine with Kerry Rutherford, Katie Cassidy, Jessica Alba and Kate
Walsh rockin' the dazzle at the step-and-repeat.

Katie Cassidy's champagne frock beamed with her matching CASADEI satin pumps and Kate Walsh chose CASADEI's signature platform pump to show off her gams.

Check out the entire fashion recap with Timm Gunn and scope out a complete list of the night's winners.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Maybe watching the annual Prospect Park fireworks from our chilly Park Slope rooftop wasn't the chicest way to spend New Year's eve.... but, it was a night filled with great friends and even better cocktails.

Fashion Week Daily gave us a little glimpse into the fétes had by some of our favorite designers....

Lela Rose: "I only do quiet new years. My family and I had dinner with friends over at my parent's house in Willow Wood. I made a roasted lamb with rosemary, currants and orange, giant gougere puffs, and coffee souffle with homemade coffee ice cream. They went well with our pomegranate margaritas!"

Irene Neuwirth: "After three months of traveling for trunk shows, I ended up spending my new years eve in Telluride, Colorado, where my family has a home. Myself and seven of my friends went skiing, snow shoeing, but for the actual night we drank wine, cooked an unbelieveable dinner and played 'running charades.' I must say... it was the best new year's so far!"

Philip Crangi: "I spent it in the best way possible: with my closest friends over a fantastic dinner."

Jeffrey Monteiro: "My partner and I were at our house in Delaware County with friends. We managed to get a bonfire going that night and ended it with a snow ball fight."

Rachel Comey: "I drank a bottle of Cava with my patternmaker and we painted our nails. Then I put on an insanely flowered outfit and party hopped a bit in NYC."

Geren Lockhart, Geren Ford: "St. Barth's, 2nd shortest runway in the world supposedly, Sun, Rain, Convertible Smart, Eden Rock Cocktails, Marc Jacobs at dinner with Rachel Zoe and their spouses, Pink Champagne, Good French Food, Pharmacy Visits, Beach Days, Saline & Gouvenour. NYE late night swim at Shell Beach yachts twinkling in the distance surrounding the bay, Private view of the only fireworks that ended up going off!, Yacht filled harbor then empty harbor because of the swell. La Plage, Russell Simmons (we saw him so often that either he's stalking me or I'm stalking him)... Blythe's black eye, Dr. visits, Maya's to go--YUM! Crepes, Pina Coladas. Swimming in our pool, and hanging out in the pool smoking what seems to be my last cigarettes while reading the marathon training book. Sweet Villa with amazing views, a neighbor that provided daily DJ services free of charge. Buzz on the island about Abramovitch's party, U2? Prince? Ended up being Beyonce from what we hear...but thank god we didn't try to crash since there are rumored snipers protecting the property. St. Barth's is paradise..." For other designer's new year's eve celebrations, check out the full story at Fashion Week Daily.


If you're anything like us, you have probably already set and broke your New Year's resolution. But, who can say no to just one cupcake from Billy's Bakery?

Hearing of our very sad state, a few of our favorite designers came to the rescue. Hopefully their resolutions will help inspire you too.

Happy New Year!

Jason Cauchi | Dallin Chase
"Take more time to travel with my wife and kids and make the time to take a weekend getaway."

Jeffrey Monteiro
"Take up a new hobby - twittering!!!"

Melissa Joy Manning
"This year mine is to see my brother more often and talk to my parents at least every three days. Basically, taking time to find more balance."

Lela Rose
"Why Do them... Just a way to set failure!"


Check out the recent issue of City magazine for Angela Craven's conversation with Rachel Comey to find out where this Queen of "All the Real Girls" gets her inspiration from and how she keeps it fresh - season after season.

Our favorite...

"You know her girls when you see them: natural beauties, noses often tucked in a book, hair a bit mussed. The kind of girl who can pull off something like a crop top with elegance (see Spring '09), or lend an understated sexiness to a pair of cloges (Comey re-imagines them season after season, in supple leathers and hefty wooden platforms)."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We adore Jeffrey Monteiro... it's no secret.

The Thread's Laurel Pinson's recent conversation with the designer has us starry-eyed and giggly.

Ps.. This scarf-hat is amazing, right? We're crazed by it too. Bet-tur-bin believe we're going to spend the better part of our night search the YouTube kingdom for a crafty little how-to video.


Don't you just love getting magazines in the mail? It's kind of our favorite thing on Earth. The recent issues of Nylon and Lucky have us dreaming of military inspired gear.

I'm sure you, like us, are always confused when spring is already in stores when it's still snowing outside.

We're obsessed with this fall faux fur-lined United Bamboo jacket. So rustic and ready for a hike... in Central Park... or Prospect Park. (Little fun fact: Prospect Park was built by the same landscape architects as Central Park, but just a few years later. Rumor has it, the designers worked out all the kinks the second time around. Ask any Brooklynite and they'll tell you, the city's most popular borough has the better urban oasis.) Any way... what were we saying...

Ahh, yes. With this detachable lining, we can't think of a better way to transition into spring. Maybe they'll have one at the sample sale. This Rachel Comey Passenger Coat is the perfect layering jacket to wear with your Hunter Wellies while you splash fearlessly around the city's jungles.

Some military love for the fellas? Check out Aloha Rag's own 1965 Jacket in-store next month.

Monday, January 4, 2010


We thought it was the four shots of espresso in this morning's coffee that shocked away our holiday-break-haze, but no. It was the realization that Fashion Week is only FIVE WEEKS away!

In preparation for Fashion Week the Krupp Cake darlings are seeking some real go-getters with some serious gumption and personality to boot for 3-5 days a week starting ASAP and committing through May. Our interns are valuable to us and work closely alongside our roster of talented designers such as, Philip Crangi, Lela Rose, Rachel Comey and Jeffrey Monteiro... to name a few.

If interested, please send your resume and a brief description of yourself to Chattie at